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Lee St., Marblehead, MA - Private Residence, c. 1710

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

The beehive oven was near to collapse. We took it down to below it's floor level and completely rebuilt it, using period bricks and lime mortar.

The kitchen chimney has two flues, both were in poor condition and the client wanted to use their associated fireplaces. We cleaned the interiors, made repairs as needed, and then broke in section by section and parged the flues top to bottom. We installed top mount dampers.

A unique feature of this house is the pivoting submarine scope-like chimney extension. This copper unit was probably installed when the kitchen flue was converted to exhaust the furnace. By converting the chimney back to having two working flues, we needed the height that the original chimney offered for draw. So, instead of remove this unusual feature, we extended the copper piping and added wires to anchor it.

The kitchen fire box and chimney mass arch had been broken through and a sub chimney added to vent the furnace when the house was converted to central heat. To revert the kitchen firebox and arch below back to it's former configuration, we removed this feature, repaired the arch and reset the hearth floor.

In a bedroom the ceiling plaster and lath was detaching from the joists. We pulled the ceiling back into place and reaffixed it.

As a final scope of work, the client wanted a brick tile floor. The client specified the materials, so we just followed suit and installed the floor.

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