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Main St., Nantucket, MA ~ Private Residence, c. 1838

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Amy Boyce, of Husk Preservation, INC. subcontracted on this job to Pen Austin, Artisan and Contractor, Michael Gault, General Contractor, and Brian Phifer, Project Manager & Architectural Historian..

With additional masons, Colin Evans and Jared Baker we excavated manually the soil under the structure's basement floor and underpinned the entire foundation with granite block and brick to increase basement height by three feet. We shaped/cut granite for use in the foundation using the traditional method of feather and wedge splitting.

Amy assisted to support two chimney masses with I-beams

to later underpin with brickwork and concrete pads. The fire boxes were rebuilt further down to accommodate the increased room height.

The team leveled the floor and insulated in preparation for

the in-floor infrastructure and a concrete pad.

Outside, we waterproofed the exterior below grade.

Amy worked with the team to line/parge using fat lime, 4 chimneys/11 flues/3 stories each. She also assisted to build two chimneys back above the roofline using period brick and white Portland. We rendered exteriors using NHL.

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