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Jacob's Farmhouse Museum, Norwell, MA, c. 1726

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

The chimney below the roofline had substantial sections of spalling bricks due to under-firing. Water getting in around the failing flashing was exacerbating this. We rebuilt sections of chimney below roofline, repointed above the roofline and redid the lead flashing. Due to water and creosote damage, we re-plastered parts of the attic servant's room ceiling and walls. At the chimney base, we opened up the chimney in order to line it with a flexible stainless steel liner to hook up to the gas furnace vent.

The photos below show the chimney below the roofline before, during and after.

Red dots indicate bricks replaced on photos above & below.

Photos below shows water damage and creosote leaching into plaster. We removed the damaged plaster, in preparation for new hair lime plaster. New plaster was applied after a cure time, lime wash coats were applied every day for five days.

Below, scaffold access to chimney.

Below, repointed, re-capped, new stainless steel mesh, new flashing,

and parged interior of chimney above roofline.

Below, opening up the chimney at the base in order to install stainless steel flexible liner. Other photos show closing it back up, and plaster repair.

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