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Standish Rd., Duxbury, MA - Private Residence c.1835

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

This cape was slated for demolition. Rather than see it razed a neighbor had it relocated to their property to attach to their house as an addition. In order to move the cape, the back 7' of the structure was cut off and disassembled, thus allowing clearance during transportation.

Our job was to reinstate the back 7' as well as make timber frame repairs throughout the structure as needed. We repaired the first-floor system include full and partial sill replacements. New material was scarfed into original wood on the sills and summer beams. Failing floor joists were replaced. Post and stud bottoms were addressed with scarfed material or butt joints and/or tenon joinery into sills.

We re-establish the back 7’ of structure with new sills and joists. Gunstock posts were replaced in full as well as preserved with new material scarfed in below the English tie joints and at post bottoms. New plates were hewn and posts and ties were scribed to fit. New material was scarfed into original tie beams. Tie beams at cuts were butted together and joined with a steel T-shaped plates rabbeted in and bolted. Original and replacement rafters were scarfed into remaining rafters and at ridge beam. New purlins and original second-floor joists were set.

This project was a collaborative effort pre-incorporation of Husk Preservation, INC. Lead by Nathaniel D. Allen, Brock Leiendecker, and Amy Boyce.

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