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Condition Assessments & Documentation

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Husk Preservation, INC. offers conditions assessments, documentation and maintenance plans. If you're considering having us prepare a report for you and would like an example of our work, please email us.

Recent work has included:

Nantucket Windmill, Nantucket, MA c. 1746

Prepared a conditions report, repair plan and maintenance suggestions for the Nantucket Historical Association.

Nantucket Windmill Assessment Table of Contents
Download PDF • 80KB

Stony Brook Grist Mill, Stony Brook, NY c. 1751

Prepared a maintenance plan for the The Ward Melville Heritage Organization.

Stony Brook Maintenance Plan, Table of Contents
Download • 64KB

Moscow Sawmill, Stowe, VT c. 1822

Prepared an assessment of the remaining milling infrastructure for Stowe Electric Department.

Assessment of Remaining Milling Infrastructure & General Observations, Table of Contents
Download P • 67KB

Trovinger Mill, Hagerstown, MD, c. 1771

Prepared a condition assessment and repair recommendations for a private owner.

Trovinger Mill Report_ Conditions & Recommendations, Table of Contents
Download PDF • 85KB

National Golf Links of America, Southampton, NY, c. 1916

Visited site with James Kricker, millwright and Janet Kane, P.E. and Ben Brungraber, Ph.D., P.E. to complete a non-exhaustive conditions assessment. Husk Preservation, INC. then prepared a conditions report, along with defined scope of repairs, preliminary pricing and overview of process.

Document available by request

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